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THE BRAZILIAN - - LA BRASILIANA - Hair Straighteners

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LA BRASILIANA - Hair Straighteners


keratin treatment with collagen
Collagen straightening treatment that gives shine and softness to the hair without damaging or changing the molecular structure. Keratin returns health, collagen improves the elasticity. For all types of hair, even if chemically treated. The application is fast and extremely simple, as well as the management of hair after the treatment : moisture-proof, rain and perspiration. The hair will always polished and cared for. It is recommended that an application every 2-4 months to improve hair condition, even if the benefits are visible already after the first use.
method of use : the application procedure lasts an hour and a half to four hours, depending on the length and thickness of hair. After application, the product is dissolved with a griddle to 450 degrees, hydrates the hair and creates a glossy finish. The results are visible immediately and last from two to four months, gradually fading and
with washes. Maintaining the hair after the treatment is simple. Humidity and rain did not make it frizzy hair. The treatment consists of 5 products, all Sodium free .